Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AYD game 2

I won my AYD game against Andrew last night.

I screwed up a shape that I know:

I know this!  But for some reason I blanked when White captured.  Black can play A, but I chickened out and played B.  Part of it was a lack of confidence.  But part of it was also that I didn't want my stones in the middle to get attacked.  But In-seong says because Black's head is out to the center, White can't do much there anyway.

Apparently, I don't know that shape as well as I thought I did.  But Guo Juan has a pair of Lunch Special lectures on it, with problems!  So I'll know it much better soon.  :)

Here are a few more comments from In-seong on my game with Andrew.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[2400]OT[3x30 byo-yomi] PW[hndrewaall]PB[greyhound]WR[1d]DT[2017-05-23]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[Black + Res.]RE[B+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[2384.73] ;W[dp]WL[2398.068] ;B[qp]BL[2381.487] ;W[dd]WL[2394.81] ;B[nq]BL[2377.951] (;W[qf]WL[2386.205] ;B[pj]BL[2358.101]C[In-seong says this pincer is nice for Black.] ;W[qc]WL[2356.007] ;B[qd]BL[2351.016] ;W[pc]WL[2353.843] ;B[od]BL[2349.532] ;W[rd]WL[2352.137] ;B[re]BL[2347.788] ;W[rc]WL[2350.984] ;B[qe]BL[2346.193] ;W[nc]WL[2349.02] ;B[pf]BL[2339.726] ;W[fq]WL[2318.394] ;B[cf]BL[2329.589] ;W[ch]WL[2295.193] ;B[cc]BL[2294.227]C[In-seong hesitated with this move. I also didn't like it. But he didn't really offer a better option. ] ;W[cd]WL[2291.001] ;B[dc]BL[2292.601] ;W[ed]WL[2274.407] ;B[bd]BL[2290.852] ;W[be]WL[2270.707] ;B[bc]BL[2289.635] ;W[ce]WL[2267.02] ;B[fc]BL[2288.208] (;W[hc]WL[2231.434]C[This White move was slow.] ;B[gc]BL[2244.683] ;W[hd]WL[2225.557] ;B[jp]BL[2232.843] ;W[qo]WL[2208.711]C[This is the wrong invasion for the large knight's enclosure.] ;B[pp]BL[2219.796] ;W[ql]WL[2191.688] ;B[rk]BL[2194.934] ;W[ol]WL[2143.045] (;B[nj]BL[2170.067] ;W[mm]WL[2102.824] ;B[on]BL[2132.449]C[But this is also good for Black.] ;W[om]WL[2078.773] ;B[pn]BL[2123.56] ;W[km]WL[2027.952] ;B[im]BL[2061.924] ;W[il]WL[1989.932] ;B[hm]BL[2047.375] ;W[jl]WL[1983.812]C[Now Black is ahead, and can easily erase White's side.] ;B[cj]BL[2008.781] (;W[cg]WL[1949.093] ;B[cn]BL[1995.394] ;W[cl]WL[1908.815] ;B[bl]BL[1886.155] ;W[bk]WL[1818.423] ;B[ck]BL[1881.162] ;W[bm]WL[1812.359] ;B[dl]BL[1874.703] ;W[cm]WL[1790.105] ;B[dm]BL[1869.299] ;W[al]WL[1782.3] (;B[dn]BL[1690.569] ;W[bo]WL[1763.005] ;B[me]BL[1629.584] ;W[mc]WL[1697.978] ;B[hq]BL[1593.721] ;W[dk]WL[1561.246] ;B[ej]BL[1437.811] ;W[fl]WL[1520.651] ;B[ek]BL[1423.065] ;W[fn]WL[1509.491]LB[cp:B][dq:C][eq:A]TR[bm][bo][dp][fq]C[I knew White's shape was weak, but I couldn't find the move to exploit it. I looked at A and B, but C is the move. Once In-seong pointed it out, it was obvious.] ;B[bn]BL[1377.817] ;W[an]WL[1505.671] (;B[bj]BL[1373.653] ;W[co]WL[1497.59] ;B[gk]BL[1336.395] ;W[gl]WL[1484.672] ;B[hl]BL[1285.209] ;W[hk]WL[1438.569] ;B[fo]BL[1262.195] ;W[gn]WL[1400.507] ;B[fp]BL[1231.398] ;W[eq]WL[1335.561] ;B[ho]BL[1176.942] ;W[eo]WL[1225.281] (;B[gj]BL[1153.15] ;W[fh]WL[1167.722]C[It's slow for White to connect though...] ;B[ii]BL[1125.839] ;W[ik]WL[1149.259] ;B[hh]BL[1093.646] ;W[hj]WL[1131.614] ;B[gi]BL[1072.637] ;W[hi]WL[1128.665] ;B[gh]BL[1070.42] ;W[ih]WL[1127.484] ;B[ff]BL[983.506] ;W[fg]WL[1107.007] ;B[hf]BL[972.78] ;W[ge]WL[1072.776] ;B[gf]BL[965.732] ;W[hb]WL[1054.107] ;B[ji]BL[896.846] ;W[kp]WL[1028.734] ;B[kq]BL[888.255] ;W[lq]WL[1022.545] ;B[lp]BL[869.641] ;W[ko]WL[958.888] ;B[lr]BL[829.843] ;W[en]WL[911.031] ;B[je]BL[792.477] ;W[lh]WL[810.614] ;B[lj]BL[733.036] ;W[le]WL[700.391] ;B[lf]BL[668.311] ;W[mf]WL[696.353] ;B[ld]BL[625.124] ;W[ne]WL[633.246] ;B[ke]BL[612.395] ;W[nd]WL[631.649] ;B[nf]BL[593.051] ;W[mg]WL[629.768] ;B[of]BL[547.261] ;W[nh]WL[613.684] ;B[oi]BL[440.322]) (;B[en]C[Apparently Black can just cut here. I wasn't 100% sure, and didn't want to risk it.])) (;B[dq]C[This works. (Pretty obvious, huh? Why didn't I see this in the game!?)])) (;B[bn]C[Black can (and should!) play down here.] ;W[dn] ;B[cq]C[Black can take the corner.])) (;W[cl]C[In-seong suggested this instead. Black can't do much against White's group. Better to endure this way than to be too passive.])) (;B[nk]C[In-seong suggested this as a possibility, so that White has to push Black from behind.] ;W[nl] ;B[mk] ;W[ml] ;B[lk])) (;W[jp]C[White should play here to increase/reduce.])) (;W[qj]C[White usually splits, especially with the large knight's enclosure.]))

Monday, May 22, 2017

A Tale of Two Games

Last week I lost my first AYD game.  But then, the next morning I played a game that I knew would be reviewed by Guo Juan.  In my AYD game, I had played Black.  In my GJ game, I played White and my opponent obligingly played the exact same opening I had played as Black the day before!  So I got to try the same game from the other side.  :)  Unfortunately, I didn't get my AYD review until after my second game.  Here are comments from both.

AYD game:
(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[2400]OT[3x30 byo-yomi] PW[boltar]PB[greyhound]WR[1d]DT[2017-05-16]PC[The KGS Go Server at]RE[W+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[2381.788]C[boltar [1d\]: no problem, works better for me too ] ;W[dd]WL[2390.361] ;B[qp]BL[2372.476] ;W[dq]WL[2384.902] ;B[oq]BL[2360.233] ;W[qf]WL[2382.066] ;B[pi]BL[2352.092] ;W[nd]WL[2319.785] ;B[pf]BL[2343.375] (;W[pg]WL[2311.561] ;B[of]BL[2340.096] ;W[qc]WL[2251.359] ;B[qe]BL[2323.704] ;W[pc]WL[2248.709] (;B[rf]BL[2318.958]C[But this opening is pretty ok for Black.] ;W[jp]WL[2214.295] ;B[cf]BL[2268.379] ;W[fc]WL[2134.712] ;B[do]BL[2222.807] ;W[dl]WL[2099.643] (;B[eq]BL[2176.909] (;W[er]WL[2046.58] ;B[ep]BL[2172.882] ;W[fr]WL[1992.905] ;B[cq]BL[2168.879] (;W[cr]WL[1988.247] ;B[dp]BL[2163.537] ;W[dr]WL[1986.479] ;B[hp]BL[2156.975]LB[cp:A]C[Now White's cut at A is not big (Black can extend and squeeze) and White is pressed down to the second line.] ;W[ch]WL[1809.669] (;B[lq]BL[2108.25] ;W[bq]WL[1694.073] (;B[lc]BL[2067.852] ;W[nb]WL[1678.963] ;B[ic]BL[2061.339] ;W[df]WL[1594.144]C[Good move locally, but right side is more urgent.] (;B[dg]BL[1975.776]C[Black should also play the right side, which is bigger. Also, locally, this is not the right move. This is a well-known bad move. ] ;W[cg]WL[1588.806] ;B[de]BL[1948.907] ;W[ef]WL[1586.815] ;B[cd]BL[1933.321] ;W[ee]WL[1583.2] ;B[ce]BL[1918.805] ;W[cc]WL[1484.614] ;B[dc]BL[1908.3] ;W[ed]WL[1482.179] ;B[bc]BL[1893.977] ;W[cb]WL[1480.614] ;B[bb]BL[1891.044] ;W[db]WL[1478.427] ;B[bg]BL[1829.142] ;W[bh]WL[1475.516] ;B[bf]BL[1758.447] ;W[iq]WL[1436.622] ;B[hq]BL[1754.224] ;W[hr]WL[1433.97] ;B[hm]BL[1703.659] ;W[qo]WL[1321.654] (;B[po]BL[1663.593] ;W[qn]WL[1318.579] ;B[rp]BL[1661.832] ;W[pn]WL[1308.399] ;B[oo]BL[1659.78] ;W[qk]WL[1293.912] ;B[rj]BL[1624.182] ;W[nm]WL[1263.208]C[In-seong prefers White now, though Black is not behind by points. But White was bad before, but now made an even game.] ;B[nk]BL[1469.054] ;W[lm]WL[1159.95] ;B[mn]BL[1437.103] ;W[mm]WL[1097.264] ;B[ko]BL[1424.167] ;W[lk]WL[1055.995] (;B[jl]BL[1401.319]C["better than nothing" but not really doing much.] ;W[li]WL[1023.828] ;B[ie]BL[1377.265] ;W[kr]WL[926.481]C[White does not need to play here.] (;B[ek]BL[1360.275]C[Black gets a chance to come in, but this move is slack.] ;W[dk]WL[905.428] ;B[ej]BL[1356.348] ;W[di]WL[831.616] ;B[cm]BL[1346.036] ;W[dm]WL[698.441] ;B[cn]BL[1334.074] ;W[fm]WL[693.889]C[Black is thin.] ;B[gn]BL[1307.496] ;W[gk]WL[677.545] ;B[bk]BL[1292.899] (;W[dj]WL[669.419] ;B[rd]BL[1143.49] ;W[rc]WL[663.929] (;B[rk]BL[1024.412]C[This move is also wrong.] ;W[hh]WL[487.505] ;B[kj]BL[972.155] ;W[lj]WL[484.075] ;B[ij]BL[967.669] ;W[hi]WL[467.468] ;B[jh]BL[916.979] ;W[oj]WL[462.498] ;B[pl]BL[876.76] ;W[ql]WL[371.127] ;B[oi]BL[826.648] ;W[nj]WL[325.259] ;B[qj]BL[805.328] ;W[pj]WL[314.9] ;B[rl]BL[767.949] ;W[rm]WL[294.046] ;B[on]BL[753.468] ;W[om]WL[278.377] ;B[pk]BL[747.069] ;W[qm]WL[275.783] ;B[ni]BL[742.954] ;W[mi]WL[238.997] ;B[ok]BL[732.005] ;W[mj]WL[232.715] ;B[pm]BL[710.007] ;W[sm]WL[145.26] ;B[ro]BL[705.753] ;W[mk]WL[142.007] ;B[lr]BL[682.923] ;W[ba]WL[91.863] ;B[ad]BL[667.995] ;W[jd]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[jc]BL[651.704] ;W[id]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[hd]BL[640.47] ;W[hc]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[ke]BL[521.385] ;W[he]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[gd]BL[487.727] ;W[je]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[jf]BL[482.339] ;W[kd]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[ld]BL[477.603] ;W[if]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[kc]BL[476.2] ;W[ie]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[gc]BL[445.962] ;W[kf]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[jg]BL[420.519] ;W[le]WL[30]OW[3] ;B[gb]BL[411.896] ;W[il]WL[30]OW[2] ;B[im]BL[321.282] ;W[nh]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[og]BL[276.266] ;W[ji]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ii]BL[200.146] ;W[jn]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[jm]BL[168.995] ;W[la]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[kb]BL[141.641] ;W[ls]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[jr]BL[29.574] ;W[kq]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ir]BL[13.746] ;W[hs]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ms]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[js]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ip]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[jq]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[jo]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[mr]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ks]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ab]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[be]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ls]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[rn]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[nl]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ks]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ag]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[af]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ls]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[sn]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ol]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ks]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[oh]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ph]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ls]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[hj]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[gj]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[kp]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[is]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[mq]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[ns]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[nr]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[or]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ms]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[qi]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[qh]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[mr]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[sc]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[sb]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[sd]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[nq]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[rb]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[qb]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[sa]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[md]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[ge]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[gf]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[qr]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[np]WL[30]OW[1] ;B[mo]BL[30]OB[2] ;W[kn]WL[30]OW[1]) (;B[pl]C[Black needs to play the shoulder hit. Much more annoying.] (;W[on] ;B[ql]) (;W[ql] ;B[on] ;W[om] ;B[pm] ;W[pk] ;B[ol] ;W[ok] ;B[nl] (;W[nj] ;B[qm] ;W[rm]) (;W[qm] ;B[nj])))) (;W[gi]C[White can just capture -- the cut is not working.])) (;B[cj]C[Black should invade directly. Much more annoying for White.] (;W[dj] ;B[di] ;W[ci] ;B[dk] ;W[ej] ;B[ck] ;W[ek] ;B[dh]C[White's stones are dead.]) (;W[di] ;B[dj] ;W[ej] ;B[ei]C[Working]))) (;B[jm]C[This one at least makes Black connected.]) (;B[cj]C[But invading here now is probably better.])) (;B[qm]C[Maybe Black should play this way, to still focus on the side.])) (;B[de]C[Black should wedge.] (;W[ce] ;B[ee] (;W[bf] ;B[ed]C[Black can push and cut -- good for Black.]) (;W[cd]C[White must connect.] ;B[dg]C[Ladder works for Black.])) (;W[ee] ;B[ce] ;W[ef] (;B[dg] ;W[cg]C[Now Black will not make this exchange.]) (;B[cg] ;W[dh] ;B[cd] ;W[cc] ;B[bc] ;W[dc] ;B[bb]C[Much better living shape for Black than the game.])))) (;B[pl]C[Black's potential on the right is bigger than White's potential on the top, so Black should just stay in her area.])) (;B[lp]C[Fourth line looks better, because Black cares about the right side.])) (;W[dr]LB[cp:A][gp:B]C[White should choose this variation, to look for A or B.] ;B[co] ;W[gp] ;B[bl])) (;W[ep]C[In-seong likes this move when White has K4.] ;B[dp] ;W[fq] (;B[cq] ;W[er]C[Black cannot give this ponnuki.]) (;B[er] ;W[cq] ;B[fr] ;W[eo] ;B[bp] ;W[bq] ;B[cp] ;W[en] ;B[dr]C[White's three stones are dead,] ;W[bo] ;B[aq] ;W[dn] ;B[br] ;W[ch]C[But White can squeeze and pincer (or kick) to attack.]))) (;B[fo]C[Better for Black to jump.] ;W[fq] ;B[ho]C[Maybe jump twice.] ;W[gp] ;B[go] ;W[lq]C[White needs to protect this rather thin connection.] ;B[di]C[Better for Black than the game.])) (;B[og]C[Usually, Black plays here (thicker, build the outside).])) (;W[qc]C[Professionals prefer to jump straight into the corner now.] ;B[qe] ;W[pc]C[This way Black is not as thick as the other variation.]))

GJ game:
(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[2700]OT[5x30 byo-yomi] PW[greyhound]PB[Ethelor]DT[2017-05-17]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[White+Res.]RE[W+Resign] ;B[qd]BL[2689.627] ;W[dc]WL[2686.238] ;B[pp]BL[2684.115] ;W[dp]WL[2680.581] ;B[oc]BL[2678.732] ;W[qn]WL[2672.213] ;B[pk]BL[2644.588] ;W[np]WL[2658.314] ;B[pn]BL[2629.337] ;W[pm]WL[2655.355] ;B[on]BL[2625.144] ;W[qq]WL[2648.988] ;B[qo]BL[2620.202] ;W[pq]WL[2646.631] ;B[rn]BL[2614.453] ;W[jd]WL[2635.338]C[Up to here, this is *exactly* the same as my AYD game from the night before, except this time I'm White. ] ;B[cf]BL[2606.162] ;W[cd]WL[2610.712] ;B[ci]BL[2596.17] ;W[ck]WL[2607.143] ;B[ef]BL[2584.176] ;W[dg]WL[2596.738] ;B[cg]BL[2481.998] (;W[dn]WL[2548.392] ;B[lq]BL[2375.91] ;W[nr]WL[2538.768] ;B[iq]BL[2358.396] ;W[qe]WL[2523.197] ;B[pe]BL[2353.008] ;W[qf]WL[2520.809] ;B[rd]BL[2351.696] ;W[pf]WL[2519.576] ;B[oe]BL[2349.917] ;W[qi]WL[2518.009] ;B[rj]BL[2348.955] ;W[ng]WL[2500.613]C[I probably would not have chosen this move (maybe P11 or something?) but my opponent the night before played this one, so I thought I'd try it too. :)] ;B[ph]BL[2321.475]C[My opponent jumped at the opportunity to play ths move immediately (the one I never got to in my AYD game, but was recommended by In-seong), but GJ didn't think Black had much to do here. Probably it's too early, so White can just run away. When In-seong recommended this in my AYD game the surrounding situation was quite different.] (;W[qh]WL[2405.215]C[This is not a good response. (White should have nobi'd up.)] ;B[of]BL[2308.547] ;W[og]WL[2356.961] ;B[pg]BL[2305.387] ;W[qj]WL[2239.72] ;B[qk]BL[2295.78] ;W[qg]WL[2144.703] ;B[oi]BL[2278.686] ;W[oj]WL[2099.227] (;B[nj]BL[2253.988] ;W[pi]WL[2081.592] ;B[cq]BL[2169.599] ;W[dq]WL[2061.277] (;B[cp]BL[2168.25] ;W[co]WL[2057.356] ;B[dr]BL[2161.795] ;W[er]WL[2036.614] ;B[cr]BL[2160.941] ;W[fq]WL[2034.185] ;B[bo]BL[2159.551] ;W[bn]WL[2032.122] ;B[ap]BL[2156.084] (;W[an]WL[2023.732]C[This is: a) too soon, and b) the wrong place to start, and c) I totally know both of these things, so this is extremely embarrassing. ] ;B[ar]BL[2132.607] ;W[kp]WL[1958.821] ;B[io]BL[2128.734] ;W[kq]WL[1951.446] ;B[ko]BL[2124.613] ;W[lp]WL[1941.963]SQ[ng][pg][ph]C[GJ says Black doesn't have enough territory now. It's hard because White's head is out and, with the two captured stones, White is very strong.] ;B[lo]BL[2120.599] ;W[nn]WL[1845.17] ;B[mn]BL[2101.314] ;W[no]WL[1669.304] ;B[nm]BL[2097.073] ;W[jo]WL[1667.07] ;B[jn]BL[2092.779] ;W[jp]WL[1665.214] ;B[in]BL[2081.651] ;W[ip]WL[1663.205] ;B[hd]BL[2033.31] ;W[mc]WL[1643.933] ;B[ok]BL[2005.645] ;W[oh]WL[1639.697] ;B[me]BL[1998.862] ;W[ob]WL[1545.43] ;B[nb]BL[1987.843] ;W[nc]WL[1543.479] ;B[pb]BL[1986.542] ;W[od]WL[1531.97] ;B[pc]BL[1982.483] ;W[mb]WL[1528.913] ;B[oa]BL[1981.125] (;W[nd]WL[1526.94]C[White's cutting here is a bad idea.] ;B[mf]BL[1979.306] ;W[pd]WL[1513.436]C[Cutting does not give White any territory.] ;B[jf]BL[1969.942] ;W[ie]WL[1490.896]C[This is also a bad move for White, because...] ;B[kc]BL[1947.181]C[Black has this nice rush invasion.] ;W[jc]WL[1360.665] ;B[kd]BL[1937.419] ;W[kb]WL[1352.5] ;B[ib]BL[1928.264] ;W[jb]WL[1329.238] ;B[ig]BL[1892.492]C[But once White is ok, the game is just hard for Black.] ;W[nf]WL[1242.404] ;B[ne]BL[1883.881] ;W[ke]WL[1207.3] ;B[ld]BL[1877.694] ;W[je]WL[1202.329] ;B[lg]BL[1867.998] ;W[hc]WL[1162.937] ;B[ic]BL[1858.142] ;W[id]WL[1148.906] ;B[ni]BL[1854.528] ;W[ri]WL[1125.843] ;B[rk]BL[1839.438] ;W[re]WL[1099.856] ;B[ek]BL[1826.905] ;W[fl]WL[1043.749] ;B[fn]BL[1759.816] ;W[el]WL[972.935] ;B[hp]BL[1757.806] ;W[hl]WL[950.734] ;B[ik]BL[1724.472] ;W[il]WL[947.701] ;B[jl]BL[1723.336] ;W[hk]WL[921.726] ;B[ij]BL[1721.657] ;W[mh]WL[918.545] ;B[mp]BL[1707.101] ;W[mq]WL[909.613] ;B[lj]BL[1512.656] ;W[gc]WL[838.5] ;B[hj]BL[1459.706] ;W[hg]WL[754.748] ;B[hh]BL[1362.79] ;W[gg]WL[731.229] ;B[gh]BL[1361.329] ;W[fg]WL[720.482] ;B[fh]BL[1360.157] ;W[eg]WL[718.152] ;B[dh]BL[1358.946] ;W[df]WL[699.495] ;B[rp]BL[1345.72] ;W[hq]WL[669.133]) (;W[jf]C[Better to just come out or something like this.])) (;W[ar]C[If White is going to play here now at all (which White shouldn't, because White is just throwing away ko threats), then White should start here, to gain 3 points in gote later.] ;B[br] ;W[an] ;B[aq])) (;B[bp]C[Normally, Black plays this way when White has D6.] ;W[bn] ;B[dr] ;W[er] ;B[br] ;W[ds] ;B[cr])) (;B[ni]C[Black missed this chance. (I saw this in the game, and was expecting to have a terrible result at this point, but my opponent missed it.)] ;W[pj] ;B[mj] ;W[ok] ;B[qm] ;W[mk] ;B[lk] ;W[ml] ;B[ll] ;W[mm]C[Black is outside.])) (;W[pi] (;B[oh] ;W[qh] (;B[of] ;W[qk] ;B[qj] ;W[pj] ;B[ql] ;W[ok] ;B[rk] ;W[og] ;B[pg] ;W[nh]C[The whole thing is kind of small, and White can even come back to kill the Black stones.]) (;B[oi] ;W[of]LB[qk:A]C[White runs away, and White still has A.])) (;B[qh] ;W[ri] ;B[oh] ;W[rh] ;B[of] ;W[qk] ;B[qj] ;W[pj] ;B[rk] ;W[ok] ;B[ql] ;W[og] ;B[pg] ;W[nh]C[Same.]))) (;W[kq]C[GJ recommends closing this, to avoid the annoying Black attachment at O3. ]) (;W[] ;B[nq] (;W[mq] ;B[oq] ;W[op] ;B[mr] ;W[lq] (;B[mp]C[In this case, the ladder is good (just) for White, but...]) (;B[pr] ;W[qr] ;B[lr]C[Black can still play this way. It's a big fight, but doesn't look so great for White.])) (;W[oq]C[If White can't fight, White has to play this way.] ;B[mq] ;W[op] ;B[mp]C[Better for Black than just playing M3.])))

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Back in the Game!

Finals are over!

Now I delve deep into Go (and Japanese -- と日本語), in preparation for Japan and in an attempt to get to a solid 3 dan by the end of the summer.

Yesterday I beat Mr. Park in an even game for the first time at CPL!  He's 4 dan.  :)  Technically, it was no komi but I won by resignation.  It's definitely not indicative of my tournament strength though.  I play much too slowly.

More importantly, I have some serious games lined up for this week.  I'm resuming play in AYD, with my first game on Tuesday.  (But I'll only play for one month, because I'll be leaving for Japan after that.)  I'm arranging to play a game online to be reviewed by Guo Juan at the end of the week.  And An and I are going to try to play this week at Diesel at some point.  Plus, there are all the regular MGA meetups.

It's good to be back!