Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Guo Juan's Training System -- now mobile!

I've been super busy with work and with trying to be a better citizen:

So I haven't had as much time as I'd like for my 5 Years to 5 Dan plan.  But, fortunately, I can at least avoid losing ground by doing my problems on Guo Juan's Training System every day.  It really makes a huge difference.  In the past, when I haven't played much and then returned I felt like I forgot everything I know.  I no longer feel that way.  The SRS is *so* helpful.  And they've just upgraded the system so it now works on mobile devices!  This is huge for me, since I usually do my problems on the train to and from work.

I'm also still working on Japanese, using Mango (which is free through the library) and making SRS flashcards on Anki.  (Again, without SRS, this whole thing would be hopeless, especially during the academic year.)  I recently talked to Shawn (fellow MGA member who is also going to Osaka this summer).  He's using some other system for learning Japanese and has been learning how to say things like, "I like apples."  I've been learning how to ask how much it costs to take the airport shuttle from Narito to Hanedo airport, and how to say my head and throat hurt.  We'll find out which system is better in June...

Monday, February 20, 2017

Boston Spring Open!

We have a date and location! The Boston Spring Open will be on Saturday, March 25 at MIT.

One month to get ready!

When: Saturday, March 25. Registration from 9 - 9:45 AM. First round starts at 10 AM. Last round expected to end before 6 PM

What: A 4 round tournament with Open and Handicap divisions.
 • Open Division Must be AGA 1d+ to play in the Open Division. You may opt in day of tournament. Cash prizes for top 3 players.
 • Handicap Division Anyone can play in the Handicap Division. Games are Handicap - 2 with prizes for players with 4-0 and 3-1 records.

Where: MIT Stratton Student Center, 3rd Floor. Closest T stop is Kendall Square on the Red Line. Parking on Vassar Street, or refer to MIT’s parking guide.

How: Make sure your AGA membership is current and RSVP here on Meetup! Entry fee is $20 on arrival at the tournament.

Additional Details 
- AGA membership must be current!
- AGA rules
- Time Settings: 30 minute main time with 5 byo-yomi periods of 30 sec each
- Organized by: MIT Go Club and the Massachusetts Go Association.