Tuesday, June 27, 2017

OGC Day 2

Yesterday was our second day of Osaka Go Camp. For my league game in the morning, I played Joel Sanet. He's an AYD member and I've played him online before, but this was the first time I played him in person. And he said this is his first-ever selfie:

He's playing as 1 dan, so I had to take white with no komi.  I won by 11 points.  The game was good for him after I invaded too early (before defending my group).  But then he played some slow endgame moves too early so I was able to come back.  I left a weak group, so he had a chance to kill it, but my group lived.  Here's the sgf, with some comments from Ting Li:

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[0.50] PW[Becci]PB[Joel Sanet 1d]LB[gq:1][hq:2]C[W+11 (no komi) Reviewed by Ting Li] ;B[dp] ;W[pd] ;B[cd] ;W[ec] ;B[pp] ;W[cn] ;B[fq] ;W[cg] ;B[de] ;W[dj] ;B[fd] ;W[fc] ;B[gd] ;W[gc] ;B[hd] ;W[ic]C[She said this is fine for Black, though In-seong doesn't like it because Black builds influence and can't extend from it. ("Influence needs an extension.")] ;B[id] ;W[jc] ;B[dc] ;W[qn] ;B[np] ;W[rp] ;B[ql] ;W[qq] ;B[qo] ;W[ro] ;B[pn] ;W[pm] ;B[qm] ;W[rn] ;B[om] ;W[qf] ;B[em] (;W[gq]C[This was my big mistake of the game. Ting Li says to only play this when Black has already sealed the area and White needs to create some aji.] ;B[fp] ;W[fr] ;B[er] ;W[jq] ;B[cm] ;W[ed] ;B[ee] ;W[oj] ;B[pk] ;W[jd] (;B[lq] ;W[hr] ;B[fs] ;W[lr] ;B[mq] ;W[kr] ;B[mr]C[This move is slow. It's hard to attack this White group, and this move is not even making points.] ;W[be] ;B[bd] ;W[qi] ;B[ci] ;W[cl] ;B[bm] ;W[dm]C[This is an overplay.] (;B[dn] ;W[dl] ;B[bl] ;W[bk] ;B[co] ;W[cj] ;B[jo] ;W[ip] ;B[gr] ;W[io] ;B[jn] ;W[gp] ;B[bf] ;W[oc] ;B[oh] ;W[pi] ;B[mh] ;W[ng] ;B[oi] ;W[pj] ;B[og] ;W[pf] ;B[lf] ;W[mj] ;B[ne] ;W[md] ;B[nk] ;W[nj] ;B[nd] ;W[nc] ;B[me] ;W[ld] ;B[ll] ;W[kp] ;B[lo] ;W[eb] ;B[bg]C[This was also slow.] ;W[bi] ;B[eg] ;W[jf] ;B[kh] ;W[en] ;B[bn] ;W[cb] ;B[pr] ;W[qr] ;B[ir]C[This was Black's chance. ] (;W[hq]C[White should not settle this part first. Instead, White should jump out first to see how Black will respond.] ;B[hs] ;W[gn] (;B[fn]C[This is a mistake.] ;W[gm] ;B[fo] ;W[iq] ;B[in] ;W[go] ;B[il] ;W[el] ;B[fm] ;W[js]C[Once White is alive, the game is hard for Black.] ;B[ig] ;W[fi] ;B[rk] ;W[qp] ;B[po] ;W[rj] ;B[os] ;W[qs] ;B[is] ;W[jr] ;B[gs] ;W[ls] ;B[ie] ;W[kf] ;B[gh] ;W[le] ;B[lg] ;W[of] ;B[nf] ;W[fh] ;B[fg] ;W[if] ;B[hf] ;W[pq] ;B[oq] ;W[mk] ;B[nl] ;W[ml] ;B[mm] ;W[ok] ;B[ol] ;W[db] ;B[bb] ;W[cc] ;B[dd] ;W[bc] ;B[ac] ;W[cf] ;B[ce] ;W[ch] ;B[eh] ;W[ei] ;B[dh] ;W[di] ;B[fk] ;W[fl] ;B[hk] ;W[kj] ;B[ji] ;W[jj] ;B[ii] ;W[gi] ;B[hi] ;W[jg] ;B[ih] ;W[kl] ;B[lm] ;W[jl] ;B[lk] ;W[lj] ;B[ek] ;W[dk] ;B[hn] ;W[gk] ;B[gj] ;W[gl] ;B[fj] ;W[ps] ;B[or] ;W[ko] ;B[kn] ;W[lp] ;B[mp] ;W[ba] ;B[pg] ;W[qg] ;B[hc] ;W[hb] ;B[je] ;W[ke] ;B[ab] ;W[ij] ;B[hj] ;W[ph] ;B[mi] ;W[ni] ;B[nh] ;W[rm] ;B[sj] ;W[si] ;B[sk] ;W[df] ;B[oe] ;W[pe] ;B[ef] ;W[od] ;B[mg] ;W[bh] ;B[qk] ;W[ms] ;B[sm] ;W[sn] ;B[qj] ;W[ri] ;B[sl] ;W[ns] ;B[nr] ;W[al] ;B[am] ;W[ak] ;B[kk] ;W[jk] ;B[li] ;W[ag] ;B[ae] ;W[hl] ;B[km] ;W[ik] ;B[im] ;W[ho] ;B[af] ;W[ah] ;B[pl] ;W[ca] ;B[ad] ;W[jp]) (;B[fm]C[Since White already played H3 on the bottom, Black should play this way to prevent White from getting a second eye.])) (;W[gn]C[White should play out first, to ask Black how he will respond.] (;B[fn] ;W[gm] ;B[fo] ;W[hq] ;B[hs] ;W[iq]) (;B[fm] ;W[fn] ;B[fk] ;W[hs]))) (;B[dl]C[Black should atari this side and kill one group or the other.] ;W[dn] ;B[ck])) (;B[bl]C[Ting Li recommended this for Black. It secures the corner and is almost sente against White's side group.] ;W[bj] ;B[pc]C[If White responds, Black can come in here now.])) (;W[dl]C[White should just respond. This keeps Black's wall useless, and makes points. Black's skirt is open on the bottom, so this is just normal.]))

Maeda reviewed our homework from the first day.  (A bunch of us won small prizes for getting them all right.  I chose a Kansai Ki-in handkerchief.)  There's a lot of pressure to get them right because they're all mid-kyu level problems now.  The tsume-go problems have been easy so far, but I feel less confident about the opening problems because they are so wide open.  Here's Maeda-sensei looking for weak groups:

We had a lecture by Yokata Shigeaki 9p in the afternoon (with translation by Francis Meyer).  Here are a few notes I took from the lecture:

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50] PW[White]PB[Black]AW[fc][jd][pd][ch][pp]AB[dd][df][qj][dp][jq]C[Many people think only about their own stones. Need to think about opponent too. 1. Which group(s) are weak? (for both players) -- in this case, the Black upper left group and the single White stone on the left side 2. Which of those groups is weaker? -- in this case, the White stone is a little weaker 3. Have to think about the situation (like when you dress -- if it's raining, you bring your umbrella) 4. If you're weaker, defend; if you're stronger, attack. 5. Need to think about getting profit from attack.] ;B[ck]LB[cj:A][dj:B][ck:C][dk:D]C[Black should pincer -- attack and build the lower left. (Which pincer is not so important.)] ;W[eh]C[Now White is stronger, so Black should defend.] ;B[fd]C[Black should escape, rather than defend the corner, since Black can keep the pressure on the two White stones. Attaching here is the best way to escape. When you attach, you should know that both you and your opponent will become stronger. ] ;W[gd] ;B[fe]C[Sort of joseki])

Note the two little kids sitting eagerly up front.  Their mother thought this was a camp for kids.  (Oops!)  They seem to be having fun anyway.  

In the afternoon, I asked for a friendly game with a former insei, Yamagita Tomoya 7d.  He graciously agreed to play and beat me with 5 stones.  (!)  In my game against the pro on day 1, I played very thickly, just taking points and not leaving a lot for White to do.  In this game, I tried to attack more.  It would have been ok anyway, but for a few rather obvious mistakes.  I should know better.  I am sure I can do better, but I was very conscious of trying to not take too much of his time, so I played faster than I usually would.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]HA[5]KM[0.50] PW[Yamagita Tomoya 7d]PB[Becci]AB[dd][pd][jj][dp][pp]LB[ff:1][lh:3][co:2]C[White+Res.] ;W[cn] ;B[cl] ;W[dg] ;B[ci] ;W[gd] ;B[ef] ;W[di] ;B[dj] ;W[ej] ;B[dk] ;W[eg] ;B[ch] ;W[gg] (;B[ff] ;W[gf] ;B[fg] ;W[fh] ;B[gh] ;W[fi] ;B[df] ;W[cg] ;B[cc] ;W[en] ;B[fl] ;W[ii] ;B[fp] ;W[ij] (;B[nc] ;W[gn] ;B[hl] ;W[hp] ;B[fo] ;W[fn] ;B[ho] ;W[go] ;B[gp] ;W[hq] ;B[io] ;W[bp] ;B[cq] ;W[bq] ;B[gr] ;W[gq] ;B[fq] ;W[hr] ;B[fr] ;W[kq] ;B[br] ;W[hm] ;B[do] ;W[dn] (;B[co]C[This is slow.] ;W[il] ;B[hk] ;W[ik] ;B[nq] ;W[ko] ;B[qo] ;W[bg] ;B[bj] ;W[ec] ;B[be] ;W[qi] ;B[qk] ;W[qf] ;B[qe] ;W[pf] ;B[ok] ;W[lc] ;B[ne]C[Good.] ;W[nh] ;B[le] ;W[jc] (;B[lh] ;W[qc] ;B[re] ;W[pc] ;B[oc] ;W[md] (;B[nd] ;W[me] (;B[mj] ;W[mf] ;B[jh] ;W[nn] ;B[oi] ;W[oh] ;B[om] ;W[ce] ;B[bd] ;W[db] ;B[cb] ;W[ar] ;B[cr] ;W[bn] ;B[bh] ;W[rk] ;B[rl] ;W[pq] ;B[qq] ;W[oq] ;B[op] ;W[nr] ;B[qr] ;W[mq] ;B[np] ;W[rf] ;B[sf]C[This is the (final) losing move.] ;W[rd] ;B[qd] ;W[pb] ;B[rc] ;W[rb] ;B[sd] ;W[sb] ;B[qa] ;W[ra] ;B[ob] ;W[pa] ;B[oa] ;W[qb] ;B[nf] ;W[mg] ;B[pe] ;W[mb] ;B[sc] ;W[sg] ;B[se] ;W[ll] ;B[nm] ;W[kg] ;B[ji] ;W[ed] ;B[jg] ;W[de]C[Oops...]) (;B[nf]C[Even now, Black should come out.] ;W[mf] ;B[ng] ;W[mg] ;B[oh] ;W[oi] ;B[ni] ;W[mh] ;B[pi]C[Black's corner/side is huge.])) (;B[oe]C[Black should defend this way.] ;W[me] ;B[ng])) (;B[mc]C[Black needs to defend this cut.])) (;B[ik]C[This way, Black is out and White is in trouble.])) (;B[gn]C[Black should cover.])) (;B[gf] ;W[hf] ;B[ff] ;W[hg] ;B[fg] ;W[fh] ;B[gh] ;W[fi] ;B[hi]C[Black should play this way.]))

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