Saturday, June 11, 2016

EYD June 4th Round

I won my June 4th round game in EYD.  I made a mistake in the beginning, which gave White a clear advantage.  But then my opponent made a big mistake and the game turned in my favor.  I was able to hold on to that lead.  Here it is, with variations and comments from In-seong:

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[2400]OT[15/300 Canadian] PW[Thel]PB[greyhound]BR[2d]DT[2016-06-07]PC[The KGS Go Server at]C[Black + 7.5]RE[B+7.50] ;B[pd]BL[2383.54] ;W[dp]WL[2392.664] ;B[pq]BL[2373.68] ;W[dc]WL[2382.431] ;B[fq]BL[2367.816] ;W[po]WL[2322.469] ;B[qo]BL[2276.339] ;W[qn]WL[2294.032] ;B[qp]BL[2273.535] ;W[pm]WL[2290.037] ;B[nq]BL[2245.139] ;W[qi]WL[2256.195] ;B[qg]BL[2239.858] ;W[oi]WL[2226.577] ;B[cn]BL[2230.711] ;W[eo]WL[2219.569] ;B[cq]BL[2224.777] ;W[dm]WL[2166.39] (;B[de]BL[2187.567] (;W[cg]WL[1984.341] ;B[cc]BL[2062.853] (;W[gc]WL[1948.068] ;B[dd]BL[2048.956] ;W[db]WL[1943.076] ;B[be]BL[1999.198] ;W[cm]WL[1896.394] ;B[dq]BL[1993.48] ;W[cb]WL[1862.912] (;B[ci]BL[1931.423]TR[cm][dm]C[This one doesn't work when White has the strong marked stones. (If that area was empty, or Black, it would be ok.)] ;W[ch]WL[1852.889] ;B[bc]BL[1864.789] ;W[di]WL[1841.655]LB[db:A][di:B]C[Good for White -- White gets both sides, A and B.] (;B[on]BL[1596.943] ;W[pn]WL[1827.818]C[This exchange is Black. "Please do not make it."] ;B[ge]BL[1568.953] ;W[qc]WL[1664.059] ;B[pc]BL[1562.324] ;W[qd]WL[1659.428] ;B[pe]BL[1536.435] ;W[qe]WL[1649.726] ;B[qb]BL[1453.494] ;W[rb]WL[1644.709] ;B[pb]BL[1452.089] ;W[qf]WL[1616.513] ;B[pf]BL[1444.038] ;W[rg]WL[1609.282] ;B[pg]BL[1422.689] ;W[qh]WL[1600.505] ;B[ic]BL[1419.449] ;W[hd]WL[1578.972]C[This strategy is ok for White (White took a lot of points in the corner).] ;B[jd]BL[1395.267] (;W[he]WL[1572.015] ;B[gf]BL[1379.134] (;W[if]WL[1485.609]C[This is a mistake.] ;B[kf]BL[1370.998] (;W[bb]WL[1451.758]C[This one is unnecessary.] ;B[fb]BL[1337.221]C[This one is so painful for White.] ;W[fc]WL[1400.064] ;B[gb]BL[1322.566] ;W[eb]WL[1359.77] ;B[hc]BL[1314.464] ;W[gd]WL[1270.798] ;B[ed]BL[1297.988] ;W[ec]WL[1259.72] ;B[eg]BL[1161.399] ;W[hg]WL[1175.77] ;B[gg]BL[1089.717] ;W[hh]WL[1141.238] ;B[ei]BL[1000.059] ;W[dj]WL[1132.423] ;B[gi]BL[984.299]C[Now the game is tough for White. ] ;W[mg]WL[1116.317] ;B[me]BL[931.281] ;W[kg]WL[1087.706] ;B[lf]BL[901.15] ;W[ij]WL[960.53] ;B[lg]BL[871.731] ;W[kh]WL[839.348] ;B[kp]BL[764.982]C[This is a good move, and Black is clearly leading. (End of commentary.)] ;W[iq]WL[712.057] ;B[jq]BL[749.003] ;W[ip]WL[692.231] ;B[kn]BL[745.916] ;W[op]WL[667.641] ;B[oq]BL[733.207] ;W[cp]WL[630.01] ;B[bp]BL[724.539] ;W[bo]WL[623.84] ;B[bq]BL[722.637] ;W[bn]WL[594.428] ;B[ah]BL[671.804] ;W[bh]WL[487.653] ;B[ag]BL[667.684] ;W[ai]WL[485.387] ;B[bf]BL[656.956] ;W[bg]WL[483.424] ;B[af]BL[654.642] ;W[bi]WL[444.612] ;B[ro]BL[649.443] ;W[rn]WL[436.868] ;B[gp]BL[630.61] ;W[in]WL[416.264] ;B[gn]BL[396.178] ;W[jo]WL[361.379] ;B[ko]BL[385.821] ;W[jr]WL[331.035] ;B[kr]BL[371.798] ;W[hr]WL[322.091] ;B[fr]BL[344.462] ;W[np]WL[286.498] ;B[js]BL[314.183] ;W[jm]WL[258.993] ;B[km]BL[282.065] ;W[nl]WL[205.678] ;B[ir]BL[253.122] ;W[gq]WL[194.739] ;B[gr]BL[221.329] ;W[hq]WL[190.834] ;B[ho]BL[211.524] ;W[io]WL[172.216] ;B[fo]BL[184.318] ;W[ep]WL[160.737] ;B[fp]BL[180.709] ;W[ra]WL[133.52] ;B[sn]BL[174.158] ;W[sm]WL[130.613] ;B[so]BL[172.662] ;W[rm]WL[119.938] ;B[mk]BL[67.83] ;W[kl]WL[95.638] ;B[ll]BL[37.27] ;W[kk]WL[84.908] ;B[ml]BL[267.481]OB[14] ;W[nm]WL[53.616] ;B[nk]BL[218.321]OB[13] ;W[ok]WL[49.053] ;B[mp]BL[178.777]OB[12] ;W[mm]WL[38.211] ;B[lm]BL[176.015]OB[11] ;W[mo]WL[26.448] ;B[ej]BL[160.295]OB[10] ;W[ek]WL[17.668] ;B[fk]BL[150.535]OB[9] ;W[el]WL[272.117]OW[14] ;B[hk]BL[148.172]OB[8] ;W[ik]WL[262.321]OW[13] ;B[jf]BL[139.971]OB[7] ;W[jg]WL[257.307]OW[12] ;B[nh]BL[114.557]OB[6] ;W[oh]WL[239.562]OW[11] ;B[og]BL[101.401]OB[5] ;W[fa]WL[229.547]OW[10] ;B[hb]BL[93.232]OB[4] ;W[qa]WL[218.517]OW[9] ;B[pa]BL[90.759]OB[3] ;W[mh]WL[174.779]OW[8] ;B[lh]BL[80.094]OB[2] ;W[ni]WL[166.199]OW[7] ;B[ng]BL[77.909]OB[1] ;W[li]WL[163.485]OW[6] ;B[mf]BL[300]OB[15] ;W[mi]WL[162.468]OW[5] ;B[hi]BL[296.745]OB[14] ;W[ii]WL[160.542]OW[4] ;B[en]BL[276.283]OB[13] ;W[dn]WL[157.769]OW[3] ;B[hl]BL[214.124]OB[12] ;W[fl]WL[120.284]OW[2] ;B[dh]BL[186.894]OB[11] ;W[dg]WL[109.702]OW[1] ;B[eh]BL[184.584]OB[10] ;W[cj]WL[300]OW[15] ;B[hs]BL[180.469]OB[9] ;W[lp]WL[268.48]OW[14] ;B[mq]BL[177.745]OB[8] ;W[lo]WL[266.055]OW[13] ;B[lq]BL[175.472]OB[7] ;W[df]WL[248.527]OW[12] ;B[ef]BL[172.855]OB[6] ;W[fd]WL[226.087]OW[11] ;B[fe]BL[150.813]OB[5] ;W[eq]WL[167.179]OW[10] ;B[er]BL[147.887]OB[4] ;W[ac]WL[155.246]OW[9] ;B[ad]BL[131.431]OB[3] ;W[ab]WL[153.917]OW[8] ;B[mn]BL[127.666]OB[2] ;W[nn]WL[149.931]OW[7] ;B[ln]BL[125.077]OB[1] ;W[no]WL[149.315]OW[6] ;B[il]BL[300]OB[15] ;W[jl]WL[146.962]OW[5] ;B[im]BL[219.815]OB[14] ;W[jn]WL[142.896]OW[4] ;B[gl]BL[215.4]OB[13] ;W[hj]WL[132.774]OW[3] ;B[gj]BL[212.278]OB[12] ;W[gh]WL[129.341]OW[2] ;B[fh]BL[208.943]OB[11] ;W[cf]WL[116.385]OW[1] ;B[ce]BL[204.716]OB[10] ;W[fm]WL[300]OW[15] ;B[fn]BL[200.711]OB[9] ;W[ap]WL[228.539]OW[14] ;B[aq]BL[192.807]OB[8] ;W[ao]WL[226.995]OW[13] ;B[nj]BL[189.532]OB[7] ;W[oj]WL[222.41]OW[12] ;B[lj]BL[179.659]OB[6] ;W[kj]WL[220.1]OW[11] ;B[ga]BL[162.823]OB[5] ;W[ea]WL[202.047]OW[10] ;B[id]BL[155.072]OB[4] ;W[ie]WL[186.011]OW[9] ;B[je]BL[148.867]OB[3] ;W[gm]WL[180.622]OW[8] ;B[ph]BL[127.174]OB[2] ;W[pi]WL[175.073]OW[7] ;B[pp]BL[111.986]OB[1] ;W[hm]WL[158.167]OW[6] ;B[gk]BL[300]OB[15] ;W[hn]WL[154.944]OW[5] ;B[hp]BL[296.969]OB[14] ;W[lk]WL[146.614]OW[4] ;B[mj]BL[292.07]OB[13] ;W[jp]WL[144.675]OW[3] ;B[kq]BL[290.451]OB[12] ;W[hf]WL[129.016]OW[2] ;B[em]BL[274.179]OB[11] ;W[]WL[129.014]OW[1] ;B[]BL[274.176]OB[10]TW[aa][ba][ca][da][sa][sb][rc][sc][rd][sd][re][se][rf][sf][ig][sg][ih][jh][rh][sh][ci][ji][ki][ri][si][aj][bj][jj][pj][qj][rj][sj][ak][bk][ck][dk][jk][pk][qk][rk][sk][al][bl][cl][dl][ol][pl][ql][rl][sl][am][bm][om][qm][an][cn][on][co][do][oo]TB[ha][ia][ja][ka][la][ma][na][oa][ib][jb][kb][lb][mb][nb][ob][jc][kc][lc][mc][nc][oc][bd][cd][kd][ld][md][nd][od][ae][ee][ke][le][ne][oe][ff][nf][of][fg][fi][fj][go][rp][sp][qq][rq][sq][ar][br][cr][dr][jr][lr][mr][nr][or][pr][qr][rr][sr][as][bs][cs][ds][es][fs][gs][is][ks][ls][ms][ns][os][ps][qs][rs][ss]C[Thel [?\]: thanks greyhound [2d?\]: Thanks for the game! greyhound [2d?\]: I thought you did a really nice job of developing the middle greyhound [2d?\]: I think white was ahead early on. crowis [-\]: Hello greyhound [2d?\]: Hi In-seong crowis [-\]: It's true. White was better. crowis [-\]: But White gave too many points on the top. greyhound [2d?\]: Yes. crowis [-\]: Let's check this game in the review crowis [-\]: Please upload teh game. greyhound [2d?\]: Great; thanks! crowis [-\]: See you! greyhound [2d?\]: I will. greyhound [2d?\]: Bye! ]) (;W[fd]C[White should play here to protect.] ;B[ef])) (;W[hf] ;B[gg] ;W[hg] ;B[gh]LB[ld:A]C[White can keep pushing and then even look for the invastion at A.])) (;W[id]C[But White needs to play this one now. ] ;B[jc] ;W[if] ;B[je] ;W[hf]C[White comes out with good shape and can expect nice influence in the center.])) (;B[rj]LB[on:A][pn:B]C[If Black does not make the A-B exchange, Black can do this later.] ;W[ri] ;B[ql] ;W[rm] ;B[pj] ;W[pi] ;B[ol] ;W[rk] ;B[rl] ;W[sl] ;B[qk] ;W[sj]C[White can connect, but only by ko.])) (;B[ch]C[Black should play this one to negotiate.] (;W[dh] ;B[dg]) (;W[bh] (;B[dg]) (;B[bg])) (;W[bg] ;B[dg] ;W[dh] ;B[bh]))) (;W[dq]C[This is good timing for White to block.] ;B[cp] ;W[cm] ;B[do] ;W[ep] ;B[dr] ;W[er] ;B[cr] ;W[gp] ;B[dd]C[If Black plays to take the corner, ] ;W[eg]C[Just give it. The center is very big.])) (;W[dq]C[White can block here. This is really painful.] ;B[cp] ;W[cm] ;B[do]LB[cm:A]C[Usually this move is painful for White, but with A, White is happy.] ;W[ep] (;B[dr]C[Black really should exchange this.] ;W[er] ;B[cr] ;W[gp]C[Black lives inside, but White is so strong outside. ]) (;B[] ;W[cr] ;B[br] ;W[dr] ;B[bs] ;W[bn] ;B[bo] ;W[dn] ;B[co] ;W[bm] ;B[ao]C[If Black doesn't exchange the hane on the bottom, White gets all these moves in sente. ]))) (;B[dq]C[Black should play here now.] ;W[cm] (;B[bo] ;W[fl]C[(I know this variation, really I do.)]) (;B[de]C[Or take sente now.])))

I lost my 3rd round game, which I played after my 4th round game, but In-seong hasn't done the review of that one yet.  I'll post the game after I get the review.

We only have one game left in the June session.  This last round will determine whether I stay in B League or move back down to C League for the July session.  I think my opponent will be tough to beat.

Meanwhile, Walther and I continued the dan level class last Thursday (that's right, just me and Walther again), studying the first of the incredible run of Nie Weiping's supermatch games and also a recent crazy Ke Jie game.  I really like this format of memorizing and preparing an old classic game and then studying a new game that Walther brings.  Memorizing pro games is a really good way to learn and those classic games have a lot in them that is applicable to our own games.  But then we play "guess the next move" with the new games that I haven't seen before, which is a lot of fun.  It's gratifying when I can get the moves right and really wonderful when they play moves I never would have considered.

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