Thursday, June 30, 2016

Off to Canada!

I'm leaving today to go to the Canadian Open in Toronto!  I'll play pair go with Pete Schumer and then play in the main Canadian Open tournament as well.  I am so not ready for this.  My head is full of t-shirts and tote bags and pamphlets for the Congress.  But I'll be assistant tournament director for the US Open, so I won't get to play then, so this is my chance and I'm taking it.  (Unlike the "golden chance" that I missed in the game below...)

I'll also spend a couple of days in Montreal with Guo Juan after the Canadian Open.  It's been a long time since I've been to Montreal and I'm really looking forward to the visit.  Hopefully I'll manage to keep up with my Congress purchasing & planning while I'm away. (We're now on track to have about 650 attendees! If we really get that many, we'll totally blow away the past record attendance of 518 in NYC.)

Meanwhile, my reporting on my EYD games has totally been Congressed.  I did manage to stay in B league, finishing up with a 2-3 record in the June round.  I'm now 1-2 in the July round.  In the game below (game 3 of June round), I lost by resignation.  I did manage to beat the same person in game 1 of the July round, though!  Some day I'll get around to posting the review of that and my game 5 of the June round.  I also already lost games 2 and 3 of the July round, but haven't gotten reviews of those yet.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[6.50]TM[2400]OT[15/300 Canadian] PW[haku123]PB[greyhound]WR[2d]BR[2d]DT[2016-06-08]EV[Yunguseng League June 2016]RO[3]PC[The KGS Go Server at]SO[]C[White: haku123 Black: greyhound Result: W+Resign]RE[W+Resign] ;B[pd]BL[2387.461]N[haku123 vs greyhound] ;W[dp]WL[2388.505] ;B[pq]BL[2383.624] ;W[dc]WL[2377.051] ;B[fq]BL[2377.891] ;W[cn]WL[2342.57] ;B[ip]BL[2372.63] ;W[pn]WL[2283.022] ;B[qo]BL[2289.028] ;W[qj]WL[2262.367] (;B[pl]BL[2266.778]C[I tried this based on something In-seong had shown us in a recent review. It definitely didn't work out well for me (I'm sure my situation was different from what In-seong was showing us). My opponent later recommended following up on it (which I did not). The reviewer (not In-seong this time) just said it was bad. We can understand why it's not good through tewari analysis.] ;W[qg]WL[2223.016] ;B[nc]BL[2233.823] ;W[de]WL[2077.42] ;B[ic]BL[2194.721] ;W[qn]WL[2046.327] (;B[np]BL[2159.994] ;W[nn]WL[1944.074] ;B[cg]BL[2133.768] ;W[bf]WL[1888.514] ;B[cm]BL[2065.771] ;W[dm]WL[1849.536] ;B[cl]BL[2062.404] ;W[dn]WL[1841.007] ;B[ci]BL[2050.436] ;W[dr]WL[1807.302] ;B[qe]BL[2041.7] ;W[kq]WL[1800.623] ;B[jq]BL[2030.073] ;W[kp]WL[1796.329] ;B[mo]BL[2005.366] ;W[kn]WL[1758.373] ;B[mn]BL[1958.032] ;W[nm]WL[1718.99] ;B[in]BL[1954.067] ;W[jn]WL[1698.105] ;B[im]BL[1929.925] ;W[hq]WL[1660.99] (;B[hp]BL[1788.547]C[This was one of my two big mistakes of the game.] ;W[gq]WL[1625.432] ;B[jp]BL[1758.989] ;W[mq]WL[1567.959] ;B[nq]BL[1668.926] ;W[jr]WL[1548.329] ;B[ir]BL[1661.013] ;W[lr]WL[1542.433] ;B[js]BL[1622.511] ;W[gp]WL[1483.338] ;B[kr]BL[1612.567] (;W[jo]WL[1467.828] (;B[io]BL[1539.375]C[This was just ridiculous. White can't actually cut here! Why would Black respond?!? Ugh. (Yes, I was Black. No, I have no idea why I responded. Intimidated, I guess.) I lost my "golden chance". Black missed a couple of chances later, but this was the big thing in this game, so I'll leave it at this (i.e., no more commentary after this point).] ;W[mm]WL[1439.42] ;B[lm]BL[1430.523] ;W[jl]WL[1328.894] ;B[ll]BL[1412.825] ;W[kl]WL[1320.243] ;B[ln]BL[1409.469] ;W[mp]WL[1287.826] ;B[lo]BL[1360.347] ;W[ko]WL[1285.409] ;B[lp]BL[1351.096] ;W[lq]WL[1282.436] ;B[no]BL[1349.482] ;W[hk]WL[1279.784] ;B[go]BL[1343.211] ;W[fp]WL[1214.674] ;B[gn]BL[1305.197] ;W[ro]WL[1195.772] ;B[qp]BL[1206.075] ;W[rp]WL[1193.202] ;B[rq]BL[1181.919] ;W[ok]WL[1127.291] ;B[fc]BL[1121.313] ;W[jd]WL[1034.31] ;B[id]BL[1036.177] ;W[je]WL[1028.282] ;B[kb]BL[1018.511] ;W[kj]WL[954.344] ;B[lj]BL[964.686] ;W[li]WL[940.999] ;B[mj]BL[941.564] ;W[mi]WL[869.004] ;B[nj]BL[864.696] ;W[ld]WL[766.602] ;B[ol]BL[407.278] ;W[nl]WL[708.348] ;B[nk]BL[401.934] ;W[ql]WL[591.662] ;B[pj]BL[348.978] ;W[pk]WL[557.039] ;B[oj]BL[344.293] ;W[qk]WL[552.892] ;B[og]BL[295.808] ;W[mg]WL[529.796] ;B[cf]BL[128.456] ;W[ce]WL[514.977] ;B[bm]BL[123.785] ;W[bg]WL[494.874] ;B[bo]BL[102.793] ;W[bn]WL[490.089] ;B[an]BL[100.363] ;W[ch]WL[352.305] ;B[bh]BL[42.516] ;W[dh]WL[345.269] ;B[bi]BL[38.919] ;W[di]WL[331.356] ;B[ag]BL[30.039] ;W[be]WL[325.382] ;B[ef]BL[20.979] ;W[dj]WL[262.008] ;B[ak]BL[197.179]OB[14] ;W[gf]WL[143.209] ;B[fe]BL[188.198]OB[13] ;W[ge]WL[107.031] ;B[gd]BL[176.081]OB[12] ;W[cj]WL[42.575] ;B[bj]BL[165.692]OB[11] ;W[rf]WL[234.009]OW[14] ;B[eb]BL[131.613]OB[10] ;W[db]WL[216.49]OW[13] ;B[re]BL[113.033]OB[9] ;W[ff]WL[169.004]OW[12] ;B[ee]BL[92.466]OB[8] ;W[eg]WL[165.815]OW[11] ;B[rh]BL[89.269]OB[7] ;W[qh]WL[151.771]OW[10] ;B[ri]BL[81.303]OB[6] ;W[qi]WL[149.281]OW[9] ;B[rg]BL[78.405]OB[5] ;W[qf]WL[143.827]OW[8] ;B[sf]BL[76.473]OB[4] ;W[hr]WL[128.632]OW[7] ;B[iq]BL[62.649]OB[3] ;W[lb]WL[105.197]OW[6] ;B[kc]BL[57.602]OB[2] ;W[lc]WL[103.421]OW[5] ;B[gl]BL[52.279]OB[1] ;W[gk]WL[99.742]OW[4] ;B[ie]BL[300]OB[15] ;W[if]WL[97.175]OW[3] ;B[jf]BL[232.022]OB[14] ;W[ig]WL[49.751]OW[2]) (;B[lm] (;W[jm]C[White can't come out...] ;B[jl] ;W[io] ;B[ho] ;W[kl] ;B[km] ;W[il] ;B[jk] ;W[hn] ;B[hm] ;W[gn] ;B[ko] ;W[lo] ;B[ln] ;W[ko] ;B[lq]C[Shortage of liberties!]) (;W[mp]C[White has to live inside.] ;B[no] ;W[nr] ;B[or] ;W[ms] ;B[os] ;W[ns] ;B[lo] ;W[lp]LB[ko:A][ls:B]C[But Black can take the three stones at A at any time, and has a flower ko at B. Black basically wins the game right away.]))) (;W[mp]C[White should play here.])) (;B[jr]LB[hq:A]TR[kn][kp]C[The reviewer said Black *must* play down in this situation, so that the marked White stones are weak, which would mean that White would not have time to move the A stone out.] (;W[gp]C[If White does try to come out...] ;B[lm]C[Black plays here, and it's a very dangerous situation for White.]) (;W[kl]C[White must come out, ] ;B[fp]C[so Black can easily take the White stone.]))) (;B[po]C[Since Black has Q8, Black should try to fight here (even though it's not necessarily a great fight). ] ;W[on] ;B[rl] ;W[rm] ;B[qk] ;W[pj] ;B[nl]C[Maybe something like this.])) (;B[qn]C[If Black plays here now, ] ;W[qg] ;B[nc] ;W[de] ;B[pl]C[Now this is not a valuable place to play. (But, in the game, after White D15, Black really needs R6, which would lead us to this same position.)]))

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