Saturday, February 27, 2016

First Dan Level Class

Walther, one of the 5 dans in our club, is very generously organizing classes for us not-yet-5-dan players.  He first started a Single Digit Kyu (SDK) class in January.  We have a really great bunch of SDKs in our club, who are quickly rising through the ranks.  (I'm planning to hop on that wave as it comes by and surf it to 5 dan.)  As an alleged dan-level player myself, I was not allowed to participate.  I belated decided to try to follow along with their curriculum, but I'm behind schedule.  They'll have their second class tomorrow, in which they'll talk about their second set of 3 memorized games involving the micro Chinese opening.  (They memorized their first set of 3 games for the first class back in January.)  Looking for micro Chinese games was how I ran across Xie Erhao (see earlier post), but so far I have only memorized 2 games, and even those might be shaky since I have not reviewed them in about a week (I got swamped with exams at work).

Anyway, Walther is now organizing a dan level class.  We'll have our first meeting at the end of March.  For our class, we're going back to the classics -- Meijin games.  The meijins go way back, starting with Honinbo Sansa in the early 1600's:

We'll be studying a game from much more recent history, namely the first match of the 6th edition of the Meijin tournament in 1981 between Kato Masao:

The game ( has a lot of really complicated fighting and sacrificing.  I'm finding it more challenging to memorize (so far) than the micro Chinese games.  There are definitely a lot of moves I don't understand yet.

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