Saturday, February 13, 2016

The Plan

Goal: My goal is to play as an AGA 5 dan in the US Go Congress in 2020. My plan includes some big events (e.g., studying in Japan and/or China) but the real struggle is in the quotidian: carving out time from day-to-day life for a project of this magnitude.

Wait a minute... 5 years? But it's 2016 now! Ok, ok, so my blog is limping off to a late start. My official start date for this project was September 15, 2015.

Current status: When I started in September, my AGA ranking was 1 dan (1.69745 with a sigma of 0.31864).  The last tournament in which I played before that was the Canadian Open in 2013, and my last AGA rated tournament before that was on March 6, 2011.  But since then I played in an MGA tournament (in January), losing all three of the games I played (I am definitely not in tournament shape yet), and plunging in rank to 1 kyu (-1.39122, with a sigma of 0.68260).  So now I have to claw my way back up to 1 dan.

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