Saturday, April 2, 2016

Guo Juan lesson: City League and Boston Spring Open games

I had a lesson with Guo Juan yesterday, in which she reviewed my City League game with Audrey and my games from the Boston Spring Open.

In my game with Audrey, Guo Juan praised my initiative.  My two biggest problems were misreading a life-and-death situation (which led to my using the wrong strategy in my game) and some poor choices in the end game.  Here it is with my notes on what Guo Juan told me:

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50]TM[3600] GN[miso-mq4ever(B) IGS]PW[Becci]PB[mq4ever]WR[1k]BR[4d]DT[2016-03-14]CP[ Copyright (c) PANDANET Inc. 2016 Permission to reproduce this game is given, provided proper credit is given. No warrantee, implied or explicit, is understood. Use of this game is an understanding and agreement of this notice. ]EV[Internet Go Server game: miso vs mq4ever]PC[IGS: 6969]US[Brought to you by IGS PANDANET]LB[jd:B][ke:C][nh:A]C[White + 0.5 GJ was happy with my initiative in this game. Big points: (A): I mis-read the life and death problem, which led to the wrong strategy (B) and (C): bad end game]RE[W+0.50]LT[]NB[32]NW[28]RR[Normal] ;B[pd]BL[3595] ;W[dp]WL[3575] ;B[oq]BL[3586] ;W[dc]WL[3523] ;B[qn]BL[3583]C[This is kind of a trick move.] (;W[jq]WL[3507]C[Just play outside is fine.] ;B[oo]BL[3580] ;W[nc]WL[3492] ;B[pf]BL[3572] ;W[kd]WL[3482] ;B[de]BL[3564] (;W[cg]WL[3457] ;B[cc]BL[3553] ;W[cb]WL[3415] ;B[cd]BL[3540] ;W[eb]WL[3412] ;B[ef]BL[3468] ;W[cj]WL[3398] ;B[fc]BL[3449] ;W[gc]WL[3357] ;B[fb]BL[3299] ;W[gb]WL[3219] (;B[fd]BL[3292] ;W[fa]WL[3217] ;B[gd]BL[3194] ;W[ic]WL[3202] ;B[cq]BL[3184]C[W has low double wings. :(] ;W[cp]WL[3179] ;B[dq]BL[3182] ;W[eq]WL[3166] ;B[er]BL[3180] ;W[fq]WL[3165] ;B[fr]BL[3177] ;W[gq]WL[3164] ;B[bp]BL[3174] ;W[bo]WL[3163] ;B[bq]BL[3174] ;W[cn]WL[3163] ;B[dh]BL[3158] ;W[ch]WL[3148] ;B[dj]BL[3155] ;W[di]WL[3143] ;B[ei]BL[3150] ;W[ci]WL[3142] (;B[ej]BL[3111] ;W[qh]WL[3027]C[Good for W to take sente.] ;B[qg]BL[3106]C[Not a good choice for B.] ;W[ph]WL[3023] ;B[pj]BL[3100] (;W[mh]WL[2969] ;B[pb]BL[2959] (;W[dd]WL[2961] ;B[cf]BL[2922] (;W[qe]WL[2935]C[Doesn't work now.] ;B[qf]BL[2908] ;W[dg]WL[2818] ;B[eg]BL[2869] ;W[eh]WL[2801] ;B[fh]BL[2845] ;W[rh]WL[2764]C[But this is a good way for W to use the R15 stone.] ;B[re]BL[2828] ;W[qk]WL[2758] ;B[pk]BL[2576] (;W[rl]WL[2749] ;B[pl]BL[2535] ;W[df]WL[2722] ;B[ee]BL[2518] ;W[bf]WL[2721] ;B[ce]BL[2514] ;W[gh]WL[2687] ;B[dh]BL[2509]C[No ko threats...] ;W[mq]WL[2649] ;B[eh]BL[2501] (;W[qq]WL[2558] ;B[pr]BL[2448] ;W[rn]WL[2426] ;B[ro]BL[2439] ;W[qm]WL[2422] ;B[pn]BL[2437] (;W[so]WL[2376]C[W should not play here now, because maybe W will play differently later.] ;B[sp]BL[2429] ;W[sn]WL[2331] ;B[qp]BL[2411] ;W[pm]WL[2304] ;B[om]BL[2404] ;W[rj]WL[2277] ;B[oi]BL[2348] ;W[oh]WL[2265] ;B[ie]BL[2319] ;W[ob]WL[2217] ;B[oc]BL[2290] ;W[od]WL[2148] ;B[pc]BL[2281] ;W[nb]WL[2146] ;B[nf]BL[2207] ;W[dl]WL[2102] (;B[nh]BL[2177]C[This wedge doesn't work because W is alive on the right side.] ;W[ng]WL[2068] ;B[ni]BL[2173] (;W[og]WL[2066] ;B[mg]BL[2160] ;W[of]WL[2059] ;B[oe]BL[2018] (;W[ne]WL[1967] ;B[nd]BL[1972] ;W[mf]WL[1962] (;B[lg]BL[1968] ;W[md]WL[1922] ;B[fl]BL[1943]TR[jf][kf][jm]C[B's center is not so big because B has the marked holes.] (;W[hl]WL[1741]C[This is good for attacking B's shape, but is not the best for reducing B's center -- better to play more in the middle.] ;B[jl]BL[1923] (;W[ll]WL[1649]C[This doesn't work -- one or the other will die.] ;B[kn]BL[1913] ;W[ln]WL[1570] ;B[lo]BL[1771] ;W[ko]WL[1546] ;B[km]BL[1763] ;W[mo]WL[1501] (;B[lm]BL[1755] ;W[lp]WL[1491] ;B[mn]BL[1736] ;W[kg]WL[1467] ;B[lh]BL[1727] ;W[lf]WL[1458] ;B[kh]BL[1691] ;W[gk]WL[1392] ;B[gm]BL[1451] ;W[jg]WL[1381] ;B[jh]BL[1422] ;W[hm]WL[1368] ;B[el]BL[1366] ;W[dk]WL[1363] ;B[hn]BL[1356] ;W[ig]WL[1308] ;B[ih]BL[1346] ;W[hh]WL[1293] ;B[hg]BL[1328] ;W[gg]WL[1242] ;B[hf]BL[1324] ;W[in]WL[1240] ;B[ik]BL[1208] ;W[gj]WL[1187] ;B[go]BL[1167] ;W[ho]WL[1118] ;B[gn]BL[1159] ;W[im]WL[1071] ;B[fj]BL[1100] (;W[gf]WL[1048] ;B[hd]BL[1064] (;W[id]WL[945] ;B[bb]BL[1025] ;W[ba]WL[941] ;B[ab]BL[1002] ;W[be]WL[823] ;B[bd]BL[998] ;W[en]WL[786] ;B[hk]BL[943]C[B is killing herself.] ;W[gl]WL[776] ;B[gi]BL[941] ;W[hi]WL[741]SQ[hk][gl][fm] ;B[hj]BL[932] ;W[fi]WL[716] ;B[ae]BL[925] (;W[bg]WL[706] ;B[gi]BL[923] ;W[ek]WL[595] (;B[fi]BL[650] ;W[fk]WL[587] ;B[je]BL[647] (;W[ke]WL[569]C[These three stones are no longer important.] ;B[gr]BL[641] ;W[hr]WL[535] ;B[nr]BL[536] ;W[mr]WL[533] ;B[hs]BL[466] ;W[ir]WL[505] ;B[lo]BL[447] ;W[pa]WL[495] ;B[qa]BL[442] ;W[oa]WL[493] ;B[qb]BL[434] ;W[ln]WL[483] ;B[rm]BL[403] ;W[sm]WL[478] ;B[lo]BL[397] ;W[jn]WL[428] ;B[ln]BL[312] (;W[hc]WL[351] ;B[ed]BL[165] ;W[no]WL[314] ;B[nn]BL[142] ;W[nq]WL[304] ;B[ms]BL[134] ;W[ls]WL[300] ;B[ns]BL[124] ;W[lr]WL[294] ;B[aa]BL[119] ;W[db]WL[276] ;B[ca]BL[72] ;W[ga]WL[259] ;B[ql]BL[2] ;W[rm]WL[252] ;B[qj]BL[587] ;W[rk]WL[249] ;B[qi]BL[583] ;W[ri]WL[241] ;B[od]BL[559] (;W[jd]WL[73]C[Here W really played the end game poorly.] ;B[rg]BL[554]C[Really big.] ;W[gs]WL[62]C[Also really big...] ;B[fs]BL[551] (;W[is]WL[57]C[But W should not play this one now.] ;B[ao]BL[529] ;W[an]WL[53] ;B[ap]BL[529] ;W[af]WL[46] ;B[ad]BL[525] ;W[gs]WL[39] ;B[ds]BL[516] ;W[sg]WL[595] ;B[sf]BL[511] ;W[sh]WL[593] ;B[np]BL[494] ;W[mp]WL[591] ;B[op]BL[492] ;W[hs]WL[543] ;B[il]BL[475] ;W[pi]WL[509] ;B[he]BL[455] ;W[kf]WL[498] ;B[ec]BL[433] ;W[ea]WL[495] ;B[pg]BL[418] ;W[jm]WL[479] ;B[ba]BL[220] ;W[]WL[448] ;B[]BL[215] ;W[]WL[448] ;TW[ha][ia][ja][ka][la][ma][na][hb][ib][jb][kb][lb][mb][jc][kc][lc][mc][ld][le][me][nf][ag][ah][bh][ai][bi][si][aj][bj][sj][ak][bk][ck][sk][al][bl][cl][el][fl][sl][am][bm][cm][dm][em][fm][gm][bn][dn][fn][gn][hn][co][do][eo][fo][go][io][jo][ep][fp][gp][hp][ip][jp][kp][hq][iq][kq][lq][jr][kr][js][ks]TB[ra][sa][rb][sb][ac][bc][qc][rc][sc][qd][rd][sd][fe][ge][pe][qe][se][ff][gf][rf][fg][gg][gh][hh][mh][hi][ii][ji][ki][li][mi][ij][jj][kj][lj][mj][nj][oj][jk][kk][lk][mk][nk][ok][kl][ll][ml][nl][ol][mm][nm][on][po][qo][pp][rp][aq][pq][qq][rq][sq][ar][br][cr][dr][or][qr][rr][sr][as][bs][cs][es][os][ps][qs][rs][ss]OS[]) (;W[op]C[Sente!])) (;W[rg]C[This is really big.] (;B[mc]TR[hc]C[W does not need to protect at K16 because W already added H17.]) (;B[rf] ;W[gs]C[This is also big.] ;B[fs] ;W[op]C[But this is absolutely sente.])) (;W[op]C[W should start here.] ;B[pp] ;W[np] ;B[pq] ;W[rg]C[Then this.] (;B[gs] ;W[rf]) (;B[rf] ;W[gs])) (;W[] ;B[mc]C[B can't cut. (I misread this too.)] ;W[mb]LB[mf:A][ng:B][qh:C] ;B[lc] ;W[lb] ;B[kc] (;W[ld]) (;W[kb]) (;W[jc] ;B[ld] ;W[me] ;B[kf] ;W[jf] ;B[if] ;W[kf] ;B[jd]))) (;W[]C[W H17 seems slow, but there is aji up here.] ;B[mc] ;W[mb] ;B[lc] ;W[lb] ;B[kc] ;W[kb] ;B[jc] ;W[jd])) (;W[gr]C[This move is really big.])) (;B[fk]C[B needs to connect.])) (;W[gi]C[I asked if it's better to connect, but GJ said B gets too much on the left, because the end game becomes really good for B.] ;B[bg] ;W[bh] ;B[af] ;W[] ;B[ah] ;W[ii] ;B[jj] ;W[fm] ;B[em] ;W[fn] ;B[dm]C[W does not get enough.])) (;W[] ;B[hc] ;W[hb] ;B[jc] ;W[jb] ;B[id] ;W[ib] ;B[jd] ;W[kc] ;B[kf]C[W does need to protect.])) (;W[] ;B[jd])) (;B[lp]C[B should not let W ponnuki. ] ;W[mp] (;B[kp] ;W[jp] ;B[jo] ;W[kr] ;B[mn]) (;B[mn] ;W[lm] ;B[kp] ;W[jo] ;B[jp] ;W[io] ;B[ip]))) (;W[il] ;B[jk] ;W[hj] ;B[jn] ;W[ii] ;B[ki] ;W[gf]C[GJ suggests this way is enough for W.])) (;W[jf] ;B[jh] ;W[kg] ;B[lh] ;W[kh] ;B[ki] ;W[lf] ;B[li] (;W[jn]) (;W[if])) (;W[jm])) (;B[md]C[B could choose this.] ;W[lg] ;B[lc])) (;W[mf]C[This atari is better for W because it forces the outcome W wants.] ;B[lg] ;W[ne] ;B[nd] ;W[md])) (;W[mg]C[Since W is alive on the right, W should connect outside.] ;B[og] ;W[mf])) (;B[ql] ;W[rm] ;B[qj] ;W[rk] ;B[qi] ;W[ri]) (;B[rm] ;W[sm] (;B[ql] ;W[qj]) (;B[sk] (;W[ql]C[Wrong choice for W.] ;B[sl]) (;W[sj]C[W can play this way.] ;B[ql] ;W[qj] ;B[rm] ;W[qm])))) (;W[rp]C[W might want this one later.] ;B[sn] ;W[sm] ;B[rm])) (;W[gg])) (;W[ql]C[Why not push?])) (;W[dg] ;B[eg] ;W[eh] ;B[fh]C[Not much here.])) (;W[eg]C[W doesn't have much attack against this group; maybe W can play this way later, at most.] ;B[fg] ;W[fh] ;B[eh] ;W[dg] ;B[gh]C[Only works when the ladder is good for W.])) (;W[qe]C[Maybe W can play here now?] (;B[pe] ;W[rg]) (;B[rg] ;W[pe] ;B[oe] ;W[qd]))) (;B[pi]C[B should play here now -- the right side is huge.])) (;B[ea]C[B should play this way, which leads to ko. (I know this from GJ's website!) No ko threats now though.] ;W[da] ;B[fa] ;W[fd] ;B[ec] ;W[ed] ;B[db] ;W[dn] ;B[ca] ;W[qh])) (;W[dh]C[This pincer doesn't work because W has L16 instead of K16.] ;B[fe] ;W[fc] ;B[cc] ;W[cb] ;B[he] ;W[gd] ;B[ge] ;W[cn] ;B[hd] ;W[hc] ;B[ic]C[Now W can't connect (compare to W K16 instead of L16).]) (;W[fd]C[This is probably fine for W.]) (;W[dg]) (;W[ee]C[W could play this way. (I think Haylee played this way in a game of hers I watched recently.)])) (;W[po] ;B[pn] ;W[oo] ;B[qo]C[Maybe Black wants this.]) (;W[pp]C[White could try this.] ;B[pq] ;W[qp] ;B[op] ;W[pn] ;B[qq] ;W[qm] ;B[rp]))

In my tournament game with Andrew, we both played some slow moves.  I did eventually play the right move to split White's groups, but I didn't play it right away, as I should have.  There were several basic things I did wrong:  I played a non-threat in the ko (and missed the real ko threat that was available to me); I captured some stones in the wrong way; and I failed to block White when White pushed through between my groups.  Guo Juan also gave me a link to one of her Lunch Special lectures in response to a question I asked about a corner situation.  (As is often the case, we were wrong in our post-game analysis.)

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50] GN[2016-03-19a]PW[Andrew]PB[Becci]DT[2016-03-19]EV[CPL]PC[Cambridge]LB[re:A][hl:E][dm:C][in:B][oo:D]C[Black+time (A): Lunch special lecture on variation from this. (B): Black must split W (this move is wrong). (C): This is not a ko threat. (D): Wrong way to capture. (E): B *must* block] ;B[pd] ;W[dp] ;B[qp] ;W[dd] ;B[oq] ;W[qj] ;B[fc] ;W[cf] (;B[jd] ;W[qf] ;B[nd] (;W[dj]C[Typical mistake. W is strong in the upper left, so W should reinforce the lower left.] ;B[fq] ;W[dn] ;B[ql] ;W[oj] ;B[ip] ;W[qc] ;B[qd] ;W[rd] ;B[re] (;W[rc] ;B[qe] ;W[ob] (;B[nb] ;W[oc] ;B[nc] (;W[pc] (;B[pf] (;W[pm]C[Overplay.] (;B[qm]C[B should push up.] ;W[pl] ;B[pn] ;W[on] ;B[po] ;W[kp] (;B[mp]C[This is not the right way.] (;W[kn] (;B[in] ;W[dr]TR[nb][nc][nd]C[Slow.] (;B[fe]C[Slow. B has the O17 stones, so W can't invade easily at H16, so F15 is slow.] (;W[db]C[Slow.] ;B[ch] ;W[cj] ;B[mn] ;W[mm]C[Doesn't work.] ;B[nm] ;W[nn] ;B[lm] ;W[mo] ;B[ml] ;W[ln] (;B[no] ;W[mm] (;B[dm]C[This is not a ko threat. (But P19 is!)] (;W[cm] ;B[mn] ;W[lo] ;B[mm] ;W[km] ;B[il] ;W[kk] ;B[mj] ;W[rf] ;B[se] ;W[pk] ;B[om]C[Cutting is good.] (;W[qh] ;B[ij] ;W[jq] ;B[iq] ;W[np] ;B[oo]C[Oops!] ;W[mq] ;B[nq] ;W[lp] ;B[jr] ;W[kr] ;B[jp] ;W[kq] ;B[ir] (;W[lr] (;B[pg] ;W[ph] ;B[nh] ;W[jk] ;B[ki] ;W[nr] ;B[or] ;W[os] ;B[ps] ;W[ns] ;B[ri] (;W[rh] ;B[rj] ;W[si] ;B[rk] ;W[ik] (;B[hl] (;W[ho] ;B[gn] ;W[hk] ;B[gl] ;W[hc] ;B[hd] ;W[fb] ;B[gc] ;W[gb] ;B[ec] ;W[eb] ;B[ic]) (;W[hk])) (;B[hk]C[B MUST block.] ;W[hl] (;B[er]C[B can come back here to live.]) (;B[go] (;W[] ;B[gl] ;W[hm] ;B[gm]) (;W[gl] ;B[er])))) (;W[rj]C[This is the better direction for W, though it still looks tough.] ;B[rh] ;W[qg] ;B[sf] ;W[sg] ;B[rg] ;W[qi] ;B[sh] ;W[nk] ;B[nj])) (;B[nr]C[B should play here first.] (;W[io]) (;W[jo] ;B[jn]) (;W[jn] ;B[jo]))) (;W[nr]C[W must hane here.] ;B[or] ;W[lr] ;B[ns] (;W[ms]) (;W[mr]))) (;W[np]C[When W plays here, B should *not* take directly...] ;B[op]C[B should play here. (I got this wrong in the game.)])) (;W[em]C[W should respond here and kill B.])) (;B[oa]C[This is B's only ko threat. ] (;W[mn] ;B[pa]) (;W[pa] ;B[mn]))) (;B[mm]C[B should connect here now.] ;W[np] ;B[nq] ;W[mq] ;B[om])) (;W[ec]C[W should play this way for sente, and then connect the groups in the lower right.] ;B[fb] ;W[kl])) (;B[mn]C[B should split.] ;W[kl] ;B[ml]) (;B[] ;W[hc] ;B[hd] ;W[id] ;B[ie] ;W[ic] ;B[gd] ;W[jc] ;B[kd] ;W[] ;B[oa] ;W[pa] ;B[na]) (;B[cl]C[B can invade here.])) (;B[mn]C[B must split.])) (;W[nl]C[W should just protect this group -- now it's like W invaded at L4 and it's still hard for B to attack L4 effectively (showing that N4 is bad).])) (;B[pk]C[B could try this, although probably not the best option.] ;W[ok] ;B[pj] ;W[pi] ;B[qk] ;W[oi] ;B[mn]) (;B[nn]C[B has this.] ;W[mq] ;B[jq]) (;B[nl]C[B has this.]) (;B[om]C[B can even just cut.])) (;B[pl] ;W[ol] ;B[om] ;W[nl] ;B[on])) (;W[rf])) (;B[od]C[B would normally play here to punish W, but B's move in the game was good for attacking the W group on the right.])) (;W[rf]C[W should play here now.])) (;B[pf]C[B should play here, so that W can't play S14 in sente to buttress the outside group.] ;W[mc] ;B[ol]C[B can use this attack to develop the bottom.])) (;W[rb]C[Someone suggested this one after our game, because it allows W to go farther on the top, so I asked GJ about it. She said this is *not* better, and W should play as in the game. The reason is that W loses the chance to play S14.] ;B[sd] ;W[rc] ;B[qe] ;W[nb]C[It *looks* like W can go further.] ;B[ol] (;W[mb]C[But W has to go slowly, like this.]) (;W[nc]C[GJ has a lunch special lecture on this: ]) (;W[] ;B[mb]C[B can close this way.] ;W[ob] ;B[mc]))) (;W[fq])) (;B[qh]C[B should approach here first. (I know this...)] ;W[qm] ;B[jd]))

In my game with Deren, I also had some slow moves, but I learned a key idea in dealing with the 3-3 point.  When I approached the 3-3, Deren played a keima away from the 3-3.  I (bumbling around, with no idea of how to handle this) approached his upper left corner.  This was a mistake because when White pincers my approach stone (the one approaching the 3-3), I have no where to go (this is very different from when my opponent has a 4-4 or even a 3-4 stone in the corner).  So I should just calmly defend my approaching stone.  Then I can either get a nice approach against his 4-4 in the upper left, or a really nice move against the keima on the bottom.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50] GN[2016-03-20b]PW[Deren]PB[Becci]DT[2016-03-20]EV[CPL]PC[Cambridge]LB[kd:C][qm:B][ep:A]C[White+~5 (A): How to handle this W move (keima from the 3-3). (B) and (C) are slow.] ;B[pd] ;W[dd] ;B[qp] ;W[cq] ;B[oq] ;W[qf] ;B[nc] ;W[rd] (;B[qc] ;W[qi] ;B[cn] (;W[ep]C[Not a good idea for W.] (;B[cf] (;W[di] ;B[ef] ;W[fc] ;B[bd] ;W[cc] ;B[bi] ;W[iq] (;B[qm] ;W[mq] ;B[hc] ;W[dg] ;B[df] ;W[bh] ;B[ch] ;W[ci] ;B[bg] ;W[bj] ;B[ah] ;W[ck] ;B[en] ;W[go] ;B[el] ;W[fj] (;B[gm] ;W[bc]C[Slow.] (;B[kd]C[Slow.] ;W[in]C[W fixes the shape; B lost the chance.] ;B[gk] ;W[gj] ;B[hk] ;W[ii] (;B[bq]C[Does this work? (Probably not)] (;W[cp] ;B[bp] ;W[br] ;B[co] ;W[no] (;B[lo]TR[kd][qm]C[Good move to invade.]) (;B[bl])) (;W[bp])) (;B[hj]C[B has this cut!] ;W[hi] ;B[gi])) (;B[hp]) (;B[bl]C[Big -- B gets an eye, W does not.] ;W[cl] ;B[cm]SQ[pd][df]C[B's groups are strong.]) (;B[ph]C[If B wants to play on the top, building a huge area like this is much better than L16.] ;W[qh] ;B[pf] ;W[qe] ;B[fb] ;W[ec] ;B[he])) (;B[hp]C[W has this hole -- B should be aiming for it.]) (;B[gl]C[This is probably a better way for B to come out.])) (;B[qk]C[B should play this one for the follow-ups.] ;W[] (;B[rh]) (;B[qh]))) (;W[ck]C[Better for W.]) (;AE[ep][cq]AW[dp] ;W[ck] ;B[fc]) (;AE[cn][ep]AW[ck] ;W[] (;B[cn] ;W[ep]) (;B[fq]))) (;B[ck]C[Black should play this way, because if W pincers the C6 stone, B has no where to go (no corner to jump into!).] (;W[iq]C[W has to come back.] ;B[cf]) (;W[ci] ;B[gq]C[Or B gets to play this side.]))) (;W[fq]C[W should play here instead.] ;B[ck])) (;B[qh]C[B should play this side.]) (;B[qg]))

Finally, in my game with Gus (in which I make a mistake for which Guo Juan told me she would not forgive me), I learned a basic joseki, a Takemiya opening and a strategy for dealing with Black's moyo.

(;GM[1]FF[4]CA[UTF-8]AP[CGoban:3]ST[2] RU[Japanese]SZ[19]KM[7.50] GN[2016-03-19b]PW[Becci]PB[Gus Heck]DT[2016-03-19]EV[CPL]PC[Cambridge]LB[nb:C][ee:A][pj:B][cl:D]C[Black+resign (A): Takemiya opening. (B): Wrong strategy. (C): Unforgivable. (D): Heavy -- learn the joseki.] ;B[dp] ;W[pd] ;B[dd] ;W[pq] ;B[dj] ;W[fc] ;B[ee] (;W[jc] ;B[jp] ;W[lq] (;B[lo] (;W[pj]C[Not a good idea -- W can't build in this situation.] ;B[qc]C[W double wings again...] ;W[qd] ;B[pc] ;W[oc] ;B[ob] ;W[nb]C[Ugh.. 5k mistake.] ;B[rd] ;W[re] ;B[qe] (;W[pe] ;B[rc] ;W[qf] ;B[nc] (;W[mb] ;B[od] ;W[cn] (;B[co] ;W[dn] ;B[fp] ;W[dl] ;B[ck] (;W[cl]C[Heavy.] ;B[fj] ;W[gm] ;B[hd] (;W[cc]C[W can't do this now.] ;B[dc] ;W[db] ;B[eb] ;W[cb] ;B[cd] ;W[ec] (;B[ie] (;W[ig] ;B[gb] ;W[fb] ;B[ib]) (;W[hb]C[W must connect.])) (;B[hb]C[B should just split.] ;W[fb] ;B[lc])) (;W[hc]C[W should connect. B is helping W.])) (;W[fk]C[Joseki.] ;B[fi] ;W[gn])) (;B[hc])) (;W[od]C[W *must* play this way.] ;B[mb] ;W[nd] ;B[mc])) (;W[od]C[The best W can do now is here.] ;B[rf] ;W[rc] ;B[se] ;W[rb]C[Not good for W, but not a total disaster either.] ;B[qh] ;W[cl])) (;W[hp]C[W should invade.] ;B[kq] ;W[lp] ;B[jn] ;W[fp] ;B[dn] ;W[gm]) (;W[cl]C[Or W can invade here -- the reason W wants to play here is that when W comes out, the bottom is not big because of the M3 stone.] (;B[cn] ;W[el]) (;B[ck] ;W[el]))) (;B[dn])) (;W[cc]C[W should just jump into the corner right away.] (;B[dc]C[GJ said Takemiya plays this way. I found two games:] ;W[cd] ;B[cf] ;W[bf] ;B[bg] ;W[be] ;B[cg] ;W[db] ;B[eb] ;W[cb] ;B[jp]) (;B[cd] ;W[dc] ;B[gd] ;W[fq])))

Here's Takemiya Masaki:

And here are a couple of games I found in which he plays this opening:

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